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With Tamara Lashchyk

Tamara Lashchyk

Tamara Lashchyk is a Career and Business Coach and the founder of TDL International, a coaching and consulting firm.

Before establishing her coaching business, Tamara had a successful career on Wall Street where she developed her keen business acumen and deep understanding of financial markets and products.

Tamara began her financial career at JP Morgan in 1993 and continued to rise through the ranks at firms such as Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank.

Throughout her career Tamara focused mentoring young women to help them succeed in what is a male dominated industry. In May of 2019 she was a recipient of the Women of Wall Street Award for the notable work she has done to advance women in the industry. Ms. Lashchyk is the Author of the book Lose the Gum, A Survival Guide for Women on Wall Street, Main Street & Every Street in Between.

In November 2020, Tamara was a candidate for the NY State Assembly in New York City’s District 66.