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21 World Renowned Experts Discuss


How industry is changing


Opportunities for the future


How to become mentally resilient


How to create a nimble mindset that can endure change


Strategies to capitalize on The Great Resignation


Financial products that can enhance your retirement portfolio


How to live an authentic, whole-hearted life


Tools critical for career reinvention

After the summit you will


Understand the new world of work


Build unstoppable self-confidence


Set a vision for your life


Smash the plateau that keeps you stuck


Design a meaningful life


Network your way into a new job


See opportunities where age is an asset


Get a free gift from each of our speakers!

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Here’s what people are saying
about Next Level Life Series

I really enjoyed the Next Level Life Summit last week and have been inspired by your story and all of the presenters to change my thinking and approach to my job search. I can never go back to what worked in the past.

– Stephan B.

What a fabulous summit! Glad I was able to tune in.

– Nadia R.

My vision for this summit brings together speakers who are at the tip of the spear of how the industry is changing. This is meant to be a place of inspiration and innovation!

As a workplace expert, I foresee seismic shifts that are unprecedented in our lifetime. Mid-to-late career professionals will be amongst the greatest impacted. My mission is to ensure that you are ready to seize the tremendous opportunities that are coming your way.

I have invited world-renowned experts to share their wisdom and insights and provide tools for designing your life. These experts are equally as passionate as I am about how the coming changes will shape the dynamics of work.


After being fired from my Wall Street job, I found myself at a crossroad. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do but I was certain that I wanted a career that lit me up and if I didn’t have it, my fire would burn out.

So, I left the corporate world behind and set out to design my next career. Now I help professionals reinvent their careers and transform their lives. And I wake up every single day feeling fulfilled because the work I am doing matters.


How to Access the Summit

Each day starting Monday, November 1st at 12:00 pm ET, you will receive an email with a link to the interview. The interview will be available for viewing for 24-hours.

Summit interviews are available for purchase.

You can expect 


Critical information to design your meaningful life


Career information you won’t hear anywhere else


Nuggets of gold from industry experts


Tons of inspiration!


And a free Ginsu knife… just kidding, but the speakers do have a free gift for you.


Tamara Lashchyk

Founder & CEO TDL International and Next Level Life Series Summit, Career & Business Coach

Dave Evans

Co-Founder, Stanford Life Design Lab, Co-Author, Designing Your Life, #1 NY Times Best Seller

Kerry Hannon

Author, Speaker, Expert – Career Transitions

Giovanni Dienstman

Author, Mindful Self Discipline, Speaker, Meditation Coach

Mike Harris-Patina

Co-Founder of Patina Nation

Charlie Jewett

Financial Services Whistleblower

Mustafa Ammar

Founder and CEO of the Passion MBA

Andrew Leedham

Author of Unstoppable Self Confidence

Desiree Bolin

Founder & CEO of Virtually Sourced Solutions

David Shriner-Cahn

Founder Smashing the Plateau and Going Solo Podcast

Bob Goodwin

Founder, Career Club

Norma Hollis

Speaker and Coach The Authenticity Program

Julie Erickson

Elizabeth White

Author, Fifty-Five, Underemployed and Faking Normal

Andy Levine

Creator and Co-host of “Second Act Stories” Podcast

Lorraine Rise

Founder, Career UpRising

Cindy Saunders

Leadership Coach & HR Professional

Larissa Vakulina

Executive Energy Healer & Holistic Health Coach 

Laura Jackson-Loo

Visionary Speaker, International #1 Best-Selling Author, Mentor and Consultant

Neil Dsouza

Founder, Get Set Up

Alan Thomas

Weight Loss Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not available every day of the Summit?

That is no problem. Everything is being recorded for you and you will have access to each recording for 24 hours after it is available.

How do I listen to the interviews?

Each interview will be recorded. Every day for 21 days, starting November 1, you will receive an email with access to the recordings for that days’ interviews. You may listen to the interview for 24 hours after it is available.

What time will the interviews be available every day?

The interview will be available at 12:00pm ET every day and for 24 hours after that. 

How long are the interviews?

Each interview is between 40 and 60 minutes. 

How do I tell a friend about the Next Level Life Summit?

We are so honored that you want to share with a friend. Please feel free to forward this page to them. And ask them to join you in reinventing their life.