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Dave Evans

Designing Your Life

Norma Hollis

Living in Authenticity

Kerry Hannon

How to Succeed in the New World of Work

Giovanni Dienstmann

Meditation for Reinvention

Charlie Jewett

Renovating Retirement

Julie Erickson

Betrayed by Work: Healing and Hope After Being Fired

Andy Levine

Second Act Stories

Andrew Leedham

Building Unstoppable Self  Confidence

Mike Harris – Patina

The Power of Patina Nation

Mustaffa Ammar

The Passion Project

Lorraine Rise

Career Uprising

David Shriner-Cahn

Smashing the Plateau

Larisa Vakulina

The Heart of Success

Desiree Bolin

The Power of Networking

Neil DSouza

Laura Jackson Loo

M.O.V.E. The Mission

Elizabeth White

55 Underemployed and Faking Normal

Bob Goodwin

Your career is a salespitch

Cindy Saunders

Leaders Rise

Alan Thomas

Mindset and Fat Descrimination

Tamara Lashchyk